phix Talent is a leading executive search consultancy focused on executive supply chain, sales, marketing, operations and finance practices for leading organizations from startup to Fortune 500. We were not born recruiters. We are leaders, consultants, practitioners and executives of start ups and Fortune 500’s. Simply put, we have been in your position, hiring, building and cultivating high performance teams to execute goals. We operate on both a contingency or a retained model for our clients.

Our umbrella company, phix Solutions Group has 5 operating businesses.

phix Solutions, phix Talent, phix Activate and phix Ventures, and our nonprofit 501c3 Thrive Initiative. Our common thread: We connect brands to people and we do good.

Our core values drive everything we do. We work with people we like, brands we’re excited about, so we can have fun and give back to causes we care about.

phix Solutions is our market intelligence, growth strategy, and digital transformation business. We deliver decision-enabling intelligence, analysis and strategy solutions targeted toward funded startups to divisions of F500 companies. phix Solutions was founded with the objective of supporting brand marketers, product leaders, technology innovators with emerging market -focused growth and optimization strategies paired with retained leadership to help execute. phix is powered by leaders, analysts, technologists, thinkers, and creatives with combined domain and sector-specific experience, having worked with multinational companies in North America, India and Europe. Our team has aggregate project and client management experience of over 400 projects, for both Fortune 500 clients, as well as multi-million dollar global clients. We have built knowledge capital that is spread across automotive, consumer goods & retail, health care, transportation, energy, and utilities & resources industries.

phix Activate is our promotional products and printing distributor backed by Proforma, a $450M engine which provides financial strength and buying power. With more than 550 preferred vendors and clout with more than 15,000 manufacturing suppliers Worldwide. phix Activate operates as an enterprise office of Proforma, focusing on brand management and eCommerce company store programs that help businesses protect their brand assets, improve delivery of their communications, improve efficiencies, and increase customer acquisition, retention and loyalty for their employees, channels and customers.

phix Ventures is a technology accelerator and asset management firm that partners with early stage startups to apply much needed intelligence, strategy, digital transformation, various SME expertise and capital to exit or to mature to an A or B round for the next stage of growth. Structures of deals include but are not limited to debt, equity, and retained management resources sometimes offered in kind. Our target companies are technology startups which exceed $500k in annual revenue or have a large TAM with a demonstrated proven use case.

Thrive Initiative, is a 501c3 launching in Q4 2021. Thrive Initiative leverages the power of enterprise to lift communities up to prosper. TI is essentially a non profit accelerator driven by PWA technology and built by the phix team. Thrive inspires people to donate their spare change (roll up to the next dollar or more if they choose) from all their debit or credit card transactions to give to a local charity beneficiary found on the Thrive Initiative app. In return for this generosity, Thrive’s retail and restaurant partners (also found on the app) offer Thrive donors great discounts to award their generosity. The Thrive Initiative app can be used by anyone, anywhere. Thrive Initiative also offers corporate enterprises the opportunity to co brand its app to inspire their workforce’s to do good and to yield great perks. Our corporate partners are now able to address the ever changing demands of the millennial workforce that want to work for an employer that gives back and a way to address the hybrid and remote work challenges that cause disengagement.